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Smart Partners of Manitoba VIM Project

Smart Partners is accepting applications for participation in the Virtual Incubation Manitoba Program. Applicants are welcome from all regions of Manitoba.

The growth of the Information Technology (IT) industry in Manitoba is driven by the energy and creativity of individuals between the ages of fifteen and forty-five. Over 80% of the businesses in the industry have four or less employees. The very character of this industry is entrepreneurial.

Encouragement of an entrepreneurial environment is necessary to the economic development strategy of growing an Information Industry cluster. Smart Partners believes the development of business incubator space will provide an enriched entrepreneurial environment and prove to be a significant economic development initiative.

Business incubation activities improve the survival rate of businesses and encourage retention. According to studies, 87% of businesses incubated remain and grow in the municipality in which they were incubated. Virtual Incubation Manitoba believes providing virtual incubation services to Manitoba start-up IT companies will add sustainable growth to the IT industry sector.

The Virtual Incubation Manitoba program is designed to assist Information Technology (IT) companies in the start-up or expansion phases of business. Assistance will vary according to the needs of the participant and may include management services such as, business planning, strategic planning, management consulting and mentoring.

Participants are chosen on the basis of a viable IT based business concept and their personal ability.

Virtual Incubation Manitoba is a Smart Partners of Manitoba initiative and Cathedral Group has been designated as the coordinator for Virtual Incubation Manitoba program.

You may apply to the Virtual Incubation Manitoba program online by following the link: www.smartwinnipeg.mb.ca/VIM.html

Additionally, applications containing a complete resume and a brief description (2 pages) of your business concept to may be submitted by email to: margaret@smartwinnipeg.mb.ca

Or, submit a brief 2 page description of your start-up business concept and complete resume to:

Virtual Incubation Manitoba
c/o Cathedral Group
204 - 1355 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB R2W 3T7
Telephone: (204) 953-1230

For more information on the successful pilot project launched in December 2000 please follow the links below:
Services Offered
Strategic Planning
Market Research
Feasibilty Studies
Business Plans
Economic Assessments
Organizational Development
Community Strategies
Customer Satisfaction Studies
Policy Development
Business Evaluation
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