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Distance Education

Seminars have been developed in diverse topic areas. Cathedral Group has designed half and full day seminars that are complete with written materials and follow-up consultation if requested.

Cathedral Group is currently developing a wide range of seminars to be offered and delivered over the Internet. This training will be offered through our WebSite. E-mail business counselling is being developed for remote clients and will be linked from the Cathedral Group Web Site.

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising is a seminar developed for retailers who have window or in-store displays as part of their marketing strategy. Elements of design, harmony and color theory are discussed and demonstrated to the group. An electronic version of this seminar is currently being developed.

Business on the Internet

Doing business on the Internet is a new and different marketing strategy. This seminar concentrates on the Internet as a marketing tool rather than the technical aspect of web site development. The seminar provides beginners with the basics needed to understand why their business needs to be on the Internet. Product display and web page design are discussed in detail.

Marketing Roundtables

A group of business owners are brought together and each discusses their marketing strategy with the group. Individuals participate in a brainstorming session for each owner, bringing new perspectives forward. This concept works equally well in an E-mail setting which is facilitated by Cathedral Group.


Entrepreneurship seminars covering the major facets of business ownership are offered to small groups. For more details contact the Cathedral Group at our E-mail address.

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