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Cathedral Group offers the following services:

Business Planning

Business Plans produced by Cathedral Group include the clients participation and independent research to enrich the reliability of the projects. Using the Cathedral Group Workbook system the client creates their Business Plan in a methodical, organized and concise fashion that is backed by our research and counselling.

Business Library and Internet Search

Research can be conducted on the market, products, suppliers and target customers through the Business Resource Libraries and the Internet Search. The vast knowledge base now known as the Internet is a challenge to harness for even the most diligent researcher. Proven techniques allow Cathedral Group to get the information clients need quickly and accurately. The Business Resource Libraries provide detailed market, product and supplier information.

Business Evaluation

Valuation is based on the generally accepted formulas of valuation and is basically a mathematical analysis of financial statements with adjustments to reflect current values of assets and opportunity costs of management and investment.

Strategic Analysis

Analysis is done on a going concern. Increased profitability is the goal of strategic analysis, it utilizes six factors; finance, marketing, operations, strategy, human resources and information technology. Strategic analysis reports provide accurate projections and are based on proven techniques.

Proposal Writing

Cathedral Group has written successful proposals for funding for profit and nonprofit organizations, both for traditional financing and for grants from government and private concerns. The success of proposal writing is dependent on the research and background work that is put into each proposal. Cathedral Group conducts in depth research into every proposal they author maximizing the chances of acceptance.

Internet Site Development

Internet site development can take two tracks. The first is web site management which would include developing a virtual centre for an organization that wishes to be known as a subject matter expert. Web page development is also offered to clients who would like to market their products on the Internet. Cathedral Group and their associates have established numerous web sites and are involved in the ongoing maintenance of several of these sites.

Self Employment Program

The Self Employment Program is designed to assist Unemployed Manitobans create jobs for themselves by starting their own businesses.

Cathedral Group, in rural Southeastern Manitoba, currently provides Self Employment Program Coordination. Karen Keppler and Cathedral Group, have been delivering the SE Program since 1992. Entrepreneurs from the program have achieved a success rate of approximately 86%.

Eligibility for Self Employment Program

Benefits of the SE Program

Business Concept Evaluation

Evaluation of a business concept includes the initial business idea and the entrepreneurial abilities of the client. With Cathedral Group's research, market study and evaluation procedures the business concept and the ability of the client are measured against known criteria to provide the concept evaluation report presented to the client together with further consultation as requested.

Market Study and Research

With the aid of census software, a market study can help determine the optimal target market. Once a target market is discovered an evaluation of marketing and promotional material is offered to ensure that the client will reach the chosen market. Cathedral Group can prepare and conduct market surveys in specific target areas providing focused data output and accurate reports.

Services Offered
Strategic Planning
Market Research
Feasibilty Studies
Business Plans
Economic Assessments
Organizational Development
Community Strategies
Customer Satisfaction Studies
Policy Development
Business Evaluation
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